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The Blue Cave is a natural phenomena located in the Balun bay on the Eastern side of the island of Biševo, which is only 4 nautical miles away from Komiža.

The small island with only ten permanent residents, is also known for Medvidina cave, fine wine and beautiful beaches.

The cave is a natural pearl first described by baron Eugen von Ransonet. The only natural entrance was below sea level making the cave accessible only by diving. In 1884 an an artificial entrance was built and to this day is used as the entrance of the cave. The natural cave opening is much wider and spreads like a vault on the south side below sea level. The sunlight penetrates through this opening causing specific illumination and a unique atmosphere in the interior. 

It is best to visit the cave during the morning hours while the sea is quiet and the sun rays penetrate into the interior and reflect from the white bottom illuminating the cave with a blue colour. The depth of the cave is from 3 to 20 meters and since the past few years swimming is no longer allowed due to its protection. To enter it is necessary to embark a small paddle boat and duck your heads as the entrance is very small. Over the past few years it has become one of the most popular attractions on the Adriatic.

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Komiža and the island of Vis

Komiža, a charming village on the island of Vis, is situated on the Western side of the island in the deep Komiža bay. The mountain range Hum separates it from the rest of the island and steeply descends down to the shore of the bay forming interesting coast cliffs. This typical Mediterranean town with traditional architecture, narrow streets and houses around the harbour is known for its fishermen history. The inhabitants were mostly seamen and fishermen due to the position and the lack of agricultural land. The important fishing history is shown in the Fishermen’s Museum, one of a kind in Croatia. Komiža is also proud of its traditional naval architecture. Every year on December 6, on the feast of St. Nicholas (on the day of the city), in front of the parish church of St. Nicholas they burn a sacrificial boat.

Given the specific geographic position and limited agriculture and cattle breeding the local culinary specialities are significantly different from the surrounding Mediterranean diet. A traditional meal visitors often wish to taste, is bread made of tomatoes, anchovies and herbs – Viška Pogača. The cuisine also consists of various fish dishes with local wine. Winemaking is still the basis of the economy of this island.

The island of Vis is a little farther from the other islands and therefore may seem somewhat lonely in the bay.

What makes the island of Vis unique is its recent past as a Yugoslav military base. Due to its strategic position, in socialist Yugoslavia, the island was closed to foreigners and as such it was entirely converted into a great military fort. On its surface of 90 km2 there were over 30 military facilities.

Its position, far from the mainland was ideal for hiding and military operations. The whole island is connected with tunnels used as shelter for ships as well as a great location for a military hospital in the past. Twenty kilometres of tunnels inside the island and numerous rooms created the perfect hideout for Tito and other Yugoslav generals. The island was well equipped with an underground hospital, food, medicine and all the necessities even in the case of a nuclear war. There are cannon openings high in the mountains and hidden bays for ships and submarines to hide. Vis also had an airport from 1944 built by the RAF military. The airport was located in the centre of the island, in the area of today’s vineyards. The cape Stupišće is situated on the Southwest of the island, an area where the positions of the coastal battery were buried in the hill and connected by the underground corridors. No one knows with certainty the exact size of the tunnels and bunkers. The former army took all the documentation. The consequence of a half-century isolation was the massive emigration of the population. 

After the independence of Croatia, the Yugoslav army withdrew from the island and it was finally opened as a specific tourist destination. The tunnels are now owned by the Croatian Army and are open to visitors. Unfortunately, organized tourist tours are not defined by law and independent tours are not recommended due to the difficult ability of orientation in the tunnels. Vis is rich in various natural beauties and its two most famous coastal sites are Vis and Komiža.  

The Green Cave is located near Vis. Although it may seem that it’s the same island the cave is actually located in the rocks of Ravnik’s islets. It got its name because of the greenish reflection of the sea resulting from the multitude of green algae found at the bottom. The cave is located in front of the Rukavac bay and has two sea entrances and an opening on the top allowing light to penetrate. 

The combination of the sea bottom and the light entering through the crack on the ceiling causes the interior of the cave to appear green. At the front of the cave there is a massive stone pillar that divides the front, making two large entrances that small warships long ago used as shelter. Boats are able to approach the interior and swimming and diving is allowed in the cave. The unusual geological formation makes the underwater world of the cave very interesting. Its entrance is rich in algae and sponges, which provides shelter for flocks of larger and smaller fish. This area was declared a protected landscape of Croatia due to its geomorphological characteristics.



The beautiful natural bay Stiniva located on the southern side of the island of Vis is protected as a nature reserve. The small narrow bay about 600 meters long, surrounded by high unreachable rocky cliffs on both sides was voted as one of the top 10 beaches in Europe. The width of the bay at the entrance is about 100 meters. At the end of Stiniva there are several uninhabited fishing houses, which are protected along with the cove. Due to its unique position and interesting underwater, this bay is a frequent diving destination and favourite destination for those eager to bathe in its turquoise sea.





Blue Lagoon is set near the island of Budikovac known for the ideal place to swim, snorkel and relax.


Veliki Budikovac is a uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea and lies Northeast of the Ravnik islet. It is located about 3 km Southeast of the Rukavac bay on the island of Vis. Right next to it is the islet of Mali Budikovac where a beautiful turquoise lagoon stretches out. The island can only be accessed by private boats and is considered as paradise by sailors because of the natural protection from winds.




The stunning Pakleni islands are located along the Southwest coast of Hvar. The name describes the combination of high temperature in the thick pine forest which causes the overheating of pine resin. In the nautical sense they are amongst the most visited parts of the Adriatic creating a very charming archipelago. The first thing you will notice is the rich plant life and rich green nature. Due to the uniqueness of this locality it is classified as a recreational forest. According to the Law of Nature Protection of the Republic of Croatia The Pakleni Islands are a protected monument of nature in the category of significant and protected landscape.

The Palmižana bay is situated on the largest island in the group St. Clement. The most popular place is Palmižana with a small uninhabited tourist resort established by the Meneghello
family devoted to creating a paradise of cultural tourism for over a hundred years. The sandy cove in the shade of old pine trees encouraged the Meneghello family to begin developing tourism in 1906 on their 300 year old estate. The family brought numerous exotic plants to the island and created a rare botanical garden. In 1999 Palmižana was classified into 10 of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the Adriatic. It is the oldest and most famous excursion site of Hvar, as well as a nautical marina. Its cuisine is based on fish, crustaceans, shellfish and home grown vegetables.



The island of Hvar is considered the sunniest island in Croatia and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The largest town on the island is the town of Hvar a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and an elite tourist location. It is situated in picturesque nature with plenty of Mediterranean attractions. Hvar is a treasury of scenery, great atmosphere, adventure and excitement.

Hvar is often described as “a fairytale town with its architecture, beautiful nature and mild climate” but also an unavoidable trendy jet set place, visited by many famous celebrities. Listed as one of “Europe’s best destinations” Hvar was Europe’s best hidden gem in 2018, best celebrity destination, best nautical route in 2017 and much more.

The island is known for its pleasant Mediterranean climate and large number of sunny hours. Both the island and the city of Hvar are rich in historical cultural heritage. The town itself is a living monument especially the Fortica fortress. The cathedral is dedicated to St. Stjepan I, a pope and a martyr, who is also the patron of the Hvar Diocese and the City of Hvar. The cathedral is situated on the St. Stephen square known as ”Pjaca” in the centre of the town. 

The Hvar Arsenal is the oldest theatre in Europe. The construction of the building started in the 13th century and was originally used as storage for galleys and marine equipment. At the beginning of the 17th century a folk theatre was built on the floor above the Arsenal. The historical heritage such as The Franciscan monastery with its rich museum exhibits and the City Hall from the 15th Century, which is the only present remnant of the former Governor’s Palace is just a part of the interesting island. Hvar offers numerous interesting catering facilities ideal for relaxing. 

Over the past few years it has unavoidably becoma a trendy jet set location visited by many famous Hollywood and domestic stars, as well as famous athletes and politicians. We recommend a visit to the city and enjoying a traditional Dalmatian fresh meal. The island known for the beautiful lavender fields has lavender products offered throughout the entire island. One of the most unique and popular products is lavender ice cream. This local delicacy with with its creamy texture and light purple colour is definitely something to try before leaving the island.





Milna is a small town, situated on the island of Brač, known for its
natural harbour, harmonious and preserved traditional architecture. As
a tourist destination it is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the slow paced Dalmatian lifestyle. It offers its visitors crystal clear sea and clean air as well as traditional local food and drinks.

Long ago the Italians called this small town “Valle di mille navi” – a bay with thousands of boats. During the construction of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Milna had a role as a port for merchant ships and yet to this day it has the function of the largest, most protected and most beautiful harbour on Brac. Milna’s residents have always been shipbuilders and sailors, which can be noticed by its urbanism. 

The sea view from the coast consists of houses of fishermen, shipowners and captains from the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of them are somewhat modernized, but most of them retained their traditional spirit, as well as the town itself. The baroque church with a typical Dalmatian bell tower and rich interior, dominated by works of famous Venetian painters is located in the centre of Milna.

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